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Having a baby is one of the most amazing times in your life.

At 3D Baby Bump, Palm Beach’s premier ultrasound center, we specialize in creating an experience that you will share with your child and treasure for a lifetime. From the ease of scheduling to the moment you see your baby, our focus is on you and your expanding family! 3D Baby Bump is a family-owned business located in West Palm Beach serving the South Florida and treasure coast communities since 2012. Let us serve your family during this precious time and create an unforgettable experience meeting your baby!

Family and friends are very important.

We understand the importance of family and friends and believe this experience is meant to be shared with those closest to you – whether in theater, streaming online or sharing your keepsake pictures and videos. Our 3D/4D theater has an abundance of seating for your entire family.

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When is the best time to come for a 3D?

We recommend between 27-29 weeks if you have never come before and are planning to come once or twice.

When is the best time to get gender and how early can i come?

We start gender reveals at 12 weeks.  Most families come at 14 weeks or later since our no stress guarantee starts at 14 weeks. (No stress guarantee means you will get a complimentary rescan at no additional charge if your little one is shy.)

The generally recommended time to come for gender is around 16 weeks.

How can I get the best ultrasound photos?

To get the best photos remember to:

1. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!  Starting now remember to drive 8-10oz of water or juice every hour that you are awake.  *Unless your doctor has advised otherwise.

2. One hour before your appointment: No Food.

3. Fifteen minutes before your appointment: Drink something you know gets your miracle rocking and rolling!

The goal is to have your baby awake and ready to give the family AMAZING photos!

What are 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, HD and Real-D?

It sounds confusing right?  Most of them are the same – it amounts to clever marketing from companies over the years.

2D Ultrasound = Black and white ultrasound that has been around for ages.

3D Ultrasound = Ultrasound that shows the surfaces of your baby.  With 3D you can see skin, contours and features of the body and face instead of peeking into the body.  Usually they colors of images are tan or sepia.

4D Ultrasound = same as 3D ultrasound but in motion.  This is the movie made from watching your baby in 3D.  Basically, 3D by itself is a photo and 4D is when you are watching your baby live or get a video.  (For our science minded: The 4th dimension is time so multiple frames of 3D images over a period of time gives you a video. Also, you cannot have a 4D ultrasound without 3D ultrasound because 3D ultrasound technology is what lets you see your baby’s contours that are in motion when you are watching live using the 4D technology.)

REAL-D Ultrasound = the latest in technology that is like a realistic filter added to the 3D/4D ultrasound.  Instead of your baby looking the tan and sepia colors in a 3D/4D ultrasound you will see your baby has a real skin color.  REAL-D also has features like shadowing and blending that give the baby an even more realistic look like if you were to take a regular picture of your baby with a regular camera!

HD Ultrasound = High Definition ultrasound and it is the same as REAL-D but different manufactures call their realistic technologies a higher definition for marketing purposes.

5D Ultrasound = the same as Real-D the way most companies use the term 5D.  Just another attempt at clever marketing to make customers thing they have the latest in ultrasound technology.  It is also used to market the automation of ultrasound processes.  While the automation of processes that take alot of time for sonographers to do is awesome, 5D is technically not a correct term for automation either – but it is clever marketing!

Summary = 2D is the black and white, 3D and 4D let you see the skin and contours like for seeing a face, Real-D/HD/5D give the realistic looking colors and shadows :o)

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