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Experience the PICK-YOUR-PICS difference at 3D Baby Bump by picking the photos you want before you get your photos taken!

Say goodbye to annoying searches for a photographer just to spend tons of time haggling over pricing and schedule.  No more paying lots of money to hopefully get a few photos you like.  Now you can easily choose exactly what you want your photos to look like before your schedule your photo session.  Now all your photos will be amazing!

3D Baby Bump photography services are provided exclusively by “Greatest Photos Photography”, the experts in “Build Your Own” photography services.

What is a pose?

Our library of Poses is made up of example photos that show people in specific positions with a style that gives the photo its final look.  When you choose a pose, our photographers work to recreate the entire look of the pose by having you come in to take pictures in the same position and giving them to our digital experts to recreate the style so your photo will have the same look and feel as the Pose you selected.


Digital Images in days

In just a few days, our digital experts work magic to make the photos you take with us in the same poses as the poses you selected from our library to create astounding photos of you with the same style, essence and power as the original poses you selected! Your fully finished high resolution photos will arrive in your email a few days from your on-site photo session.

How It Works

Let's Get Started

Click the  button and select “Build Your Own” photo package or select one of our ready-made “Designer Packages”.

Select Your Poses

Go through our library of amazing Poses and add the ones you love to your package.  We will help you recreate the beauty of each pose when you arrive for your session.

Schedule a date

Pick a date and time that works for you.  Show up on time and be the model you know you are.  Show off your beauty and our photographers will capture your moments in brilliant color!


Get Your Photos

Following your photo session our digital experts will work their magic on the photos taken to fully recreate the essence of your selected poses within a few days. The final high resolution photos will be emailed to your inbox so you can start sharing with family and friends or send them out to print immediately!

Simple photography Pricing

“It was such a great experience!  The photos were stunning and just like the poses I picked out.  You cannot beat the prices especially for this quality. The staff were very friendly and thorough. I highly recommended  to anyone.”

Melissa C., Palm Beach, FL


We love to help!  Feel free to contact us here with any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you :o)

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