February 2, 2015

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Scheduling is easy! Use our online scheduler to quickly and easily book your session 24/7, or call us at 561-247-2005.

When you schedule online, you will need to answer a few questions about your pregnancy to complete the process.

Read below and our FAQs page for important information on our policies and recommendations.

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Please be sure to arrive early or on time for your appointment.

Unlike other facilities, we do not double book to minimize your wait time. Therefore, if you are late (regardless of how tardy or the reason why), the Tech will determine if she has enough time to complete your session, or you’ll need to be RESCHEDULED for a different time or date.

You will receive an auto-generated confirmation email from our scheduling system when you have successfully scheduled. If you DID NOT receive this email, then your appointment may not have been booked! You should call us at 561-247-2005 and we can check if your appointment was booked correctly. Please understand that we cannot be responsible for user-error when you schedule online. 

If you are over 34 weeks

As a reminder, the “no stress guarantee” does not apply as it is often more difficult to capture baby’s 3D/4D images. However, we scan lots of moms over 34 weeks. We will work with you and your baby to obtain the best images possible in the package time you scheduled; it’s also recommended that you select a package with 15 minutes or more.


Congratulations Congratulations on your two miracles :o) Please select a 3D/4D package with at least 20 minutes and review our FAQs page for our twins’ policy.

We cannot guarantee what images your baby will give you.

Your baby is the DIRECTOR. The session time you pay for gives us time to work with you and your baby to obtain whatever images your baby will show. Please understand that your baby is still in utero with lots going on in there.  As much as we would like to, we cannot be expected to get everyone a perfect, full-face picture of their baby smiling. Some babies are shy, and there are other factors that affect image quality which are OUT OF OUR CONTROL (e.g., mom’s hydration, placenta location, cord position, and more)! 

If you do not get any photos we will have you back for a complimentary rescan at no charge, on a weekday within two weeks. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all.