Maternity Photography is on Sale for only $69!

To get the Greatest Photos you have to do something different! With our maternity photo shoot YOU get to choose the beautiful pictures you want to recreate for yourself BEFORE you get your pictures taken. That way you know exactly the kind of pictures you will be getting to save and share with your family and friends. It is like a Hollywood production where you come to set already knowing the poses you will do and the styling your photos will get in post production. No more paying a lot of money for a long photo shoot that may or may not get you some good photos. With our maternity photo shoot you get exactly what you want and for only $69!

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How it works:

1. PICK YOUR PACKAGE. Your base package includes seven (7) pre-defined poses and styles for you to recreate when you are on set. Choose the package with the beautiful picture you want to see yourself in. The Artistic Love and Eternal Bliss packages are now available.

MORE POSES AND STYLES AVAILABLE. Want more than seven poses and styles? No problem. We have lots to choose from. When you schedule, after choosing your package, you will be shown all the additional pose and styles available. Just add-on more of your favorite high-quality, low-cost poses and styles to make your package even more memorable!

2. SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT AND PAY ONLINE. Photo shoots for these packages are very limited and booked tight so make sure you book early. Once you make your appointment, simply click PAY NOW and make an online payment to lock in your appointment. (HINT: plan ahead to be early.)

3. COME TO SET AND WE DO THE REST! Arrive early for your photo shoot and our photographer will work with you to create the seven beautiful poses included in your package and any additional add-on poses and styles you’ve selected. It’s all about you when you’re on set!

HINT: You will want to bring or wear clothes similar to the ones in the pictures you are recreating to get the best photos. You can wear what you want but please understand that the more different you dress from the picture you are recreating the more different your final photo will be from that picture your trying to recreate.

4. POST PRODUCTION AND DELIVERY. Once your photo shoot is over, your photos will be processed by Greatest Photos photographic experts and emailed to you within a few days. When your photos arrive to your email they are all yours! Enjoy adding them to your baby book to forever capture the intimate first moments you had with your child and sharing them with all your friends and family!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Come wearing one outfit and then bring the rest required for your package. For example: If you package includes two outfits, you will come wearing one and bring a second to change into. Be sure to check your package details when scheduling. You will wear one outfit and bring with you any other outfits included in your package. Look at the images of the poses and styles you have selected. The more similar clothes, the closer your photo will come out looking the same. It is not required that you wear the same clothes as the images in the package, but please understand, different clothes may make for a different final photo. The most important things to look for are the colors of the top and bottom and the fitment (if it is close or lose fitting).
You may bring additional people, but the seating is limited. There will also be wiring and equipment that can get damaged so we ask that if you bring any small children you have someone who can keep a close eye on them while Mom is on set. If you chose the Freestyle Add-on Pose you will need to bring any additional people you wish to be in the photo of your Freestyle Pose.
The professional photo experts at Greatest Photos will do everything they can to get you stunningly beautiful photos of this special time in your life. Your photos will capture the essence of the poses and styles you chose, but will probably not be an exact match since your pose may be slightly different. Everyone’s body is different and you may choose clothes with different fitment and colors that create a different outcome.
Your digital photos will come via a downloadable link that is sent to your email a few days following your photo shoot. They will be high quality JPEG images that can easily be used to print with, email or share.
The Greatest Photos team does everything to make sure the photos capture the essence, mood and style of the poses and styles you selected. Using what you give them to work with, they will do everything possible to get you what you’ve selected. If for some reason they are not able to, you may contact 3D Baby Bump with your information and someone who can assist you with photography questions will get back with you within 2 business days. For clients choosing the Freestyle Pose please keep an open mind on what your final photo will look like. The photographer and digital experts do not knot what pose you will do or who will even be in your photo. They will have to make many on-the-fly adjustments to produce your final photo.
Payments need to be made online immediately after you schedule your appointment. Simply click the PAY NOW link on your appointment confirmation screen or in your confirmation email to make your payment online. By paying online you finish reserving the time you scheduled. If you are paying for your photo shoot using cash please call 561-247-2005 to let us know you will be paying with cash and we will finish reserving the time you have scheduled manually. Photo shoots that have not finished the reservation process by making an online payment or calling our office at least 36 hours in advance can be rescheduled without notice.
You can cancel or reschedule at no charge up to 36 hours in advance of your appointment. If you’re 36 hours or less to your scheduled appointment, there is no rescheduling and full payment is still required because the staff for you are scheduled and they will be arriving on set for you – even if you do not show.
No Showing (i.e., scheduling an appointment and not showing up) is highly frowned upon! Refunds are not available for clients that no show due to the nature of the business. Once your photo session is set, you have up to 36 hours before your appointment to cancel or reschedule. But after that, it is considered a no-show because all resources for your photo shoot will have started their preparations and will attend your photo shoot ready to go even if you do not show up. There are no refunds for not showing up. The only exception made is for hospital and doctor visits. Proof of your visit will be required for a full refund. If you are late, the Photographer will decide if there is enough time to get you any or all of the photos in your package. There are no refunds for not having enough time to shoot all your photos if you are late. Please be sure to plan extra time in your drive and arrive early.
These photography services are exclusive to 3D Baby Bump but they are welcome to the public. And once you have your amazing photo shoot, we hope you come back to see your baby. After all, your baby deserves a photo shoot too.

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