February 3, 2015

Our Theater

You’re going to remember this for a lifetime – make it the best!

Siblings Can Meet the Baby in 3D 4DOur theater is designed with comfort in mind – for both mom and guests! From mom’s bed to theater seating and the best technology, our 3D/4D ultrasound theater is outfitted to create the best experience possible. We offer:

  • Special orthopedic massage bed for mom! Not just any bed or that exam table in your doctor’s office, this is a real comfy bed with an extra comfortable massage feature. (So comfy, you may just want to snooze!)
  • Fun theater room with plentiful seating to accommodate 10 or more  guests. We’ve had as many as 20 guests in our spacious theater.
  • All seats have great viewing of the 4D ultrasound TV. No kinked necks! It’s like going to the movies.

As the most important part of your visit is seeing your baby, we made certain to select the very best 3D and 4D ultrasound equipment and TV for stunning image clarity.  Our theater has the best:

  • State-of-the-art ultrasound machine to produce high resolution sonogram images that show incredible detail of your baby in 3D and 4D.
  • Parents-to-be and guests will watch your baby perform on a HUGE flat screen TV. It’s not just any TV – as tech gurus, we selected the best to ensure your 3D and 4D sonogram images are displayed with impeccable quality.

Serving the South Florida community, we are conveniently located in West Palm Beach in the Gulfstream Goodwill/GFS Plaza next to Carvel Ice Cream on Okeechobee Blvd. and Haverhill Road. 3D Baby Bump is easily accessible from I-95 or the Turnpike, so gather your friends and family and come to our 3D/4D theater to meet your precious little miracle. Our theater is the best, and we’ve had families travel as far as Okeechobee and Port St. Lucie and from Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Read what some of our clients have said about our special theater room:

Took our breaths away… we just stood for a second and looked all around… It was amazing!!
Loved it! Bed was so comfy and there was plenty of space. My husband liked that he got a comfy seat as well.
It was beautiful, cozy & comfy. I wanted to take the bed home.
The theater was so cool and set up just like an Imax with my baby boy on the screen. … so amazing!
I loved the theater room! It was so comfortable and my family enjoyed it. My husband especially loved his dad’s chair!
I read it had theater seating but wasn’t expecting actual theater seats. A very cute idea and decorations. Very comfortable bed and I enjoyed the massage while deciding what pics to print.
The theater/session room was very comfortable. My wife loved the bed ALOT. She felt as if she was laying on one big fluffy cloud! Thank you again, from her.
Absolutely amazing. Beyond comfortable, the entire experience was unlike any other.
Very comfy and unique set-up. Wonderful for larger families especially.
I enjoyed the room and the atmosphere of it. Different from anything I gone to before. And really liked that there is enough room for your loved ones to come enjoy as well.
It was really cute! The setup was awesome and looked like a mini movie theater.
It was truly amazing, very comfortable, I loved the massage bed!!
It’s beautiful!! I loved every minute of it!

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